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Film Review: Ballet Shoes

Film: Ballet Shoes (2007). Young Actresses: Lucy Boynton, 13, Yasmin Paige, 16, and Emma Watson, 17.

The story of three orphan sisters determined to put their names in the history books, this is one of those rare movies that's just as good as -- perhaps better than? -- the book it's based on. The movie stays very loyal to the book, set in London during the 1920s, and a lot of the adjectives that I use to describe my favorite children's movies (especially period movies, like The Secret Garden or The Secret of Roan Inish) are also applicable here: charming, somber, whimsical, quiet, picturesque.

A good scene of the two older Fossil sisters, Pauline and Petrova

I was also impressed at the individual time, care, and attention given to all three girls. The entire cast performs well, and Yasmin, as quiet, intelligent middle child Petrova, and Emma, as pretty, talented oldest sister Pauline, are especially good. As much as I enjoy seeing Emma as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, she's been playing Hermione so exclusively, and for so long, that one of the best parts of the movie for me was just seeing her in a different role. And although Lucy, as sassy, spirited youngest sister Posy, falls a little flat, together the three of them create a strong, touching bond. Warning: If you've never read the book, you might find it more than a little boring.

For screenshots and a second opinion, here's the review by Young Actress Reviews.

Other reviews of Emma's films: The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012), Regression (2015).

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